Andrew and Kathy McMillan

Friday, December 09, 2005

Hello from Medellin, Colombia

Andrew and Kathy have been missionaries to Colombia since 1987. They work with Mission South America,under the covering of the Apostles Randy and Marcela MacMillan. Pastor Andrew and Kathy have planted the church, Comunidad Cristiana de Fe, in Medellin, Colombia 11 years ago. They have seen the church grow from a small cell group to over 5,000 members and 900 cell groups.

We also were were in the bull ring a month ago,and had 10,000 people in it.


God fulfilled our dreams. The people in invited friends and foes and the bull ring filled up. Over 1,000 came forward for salvation. Our next meeting in the bullring will be Sunday, 18th of December. We are seeing history in the making. Thank you for your prayers: we need more!